CaseFora is a massive online legal research and publishing platform, currently in public beta. It has been conceptualized by Dr. Feroz Ali, IPR Chair Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

The Solution

Traditionally, lawyers have been relying on past experience and memory to prepare arguments for new cases.

CaseFora aims to solves this problem by retrieving highly relevant cases for reference, with algorithms backed by artificial intelligence.

CaseFora facilitates the creation of summaries and annotations for existing judgments uploaded onto the site.

Furthermore, CaseFora is being built as a legal publishing platform that helps authors swiftly compile their works, minus the pain associated with conventional publishing.

The Technologies

  1. React, a JavaScript library
  2. WordPress, to manage content
  3. Elastic search
  4. Artificial Intelligence

CaseFora is continuing to emerge, with new roadmaps being detailed by our legal expert partner.