Our website’s had a facelift. Courtesy: Gatsby and WordPress!

Two years ago we launched the first website for Laccadive IO. It was a Single Page Application WordPress theme built using React and the WP REST API. The site was launched on December 4, 2016 – two days before the REST API was baked into WordPress core.

Fast forward two years and a few things had come into the tech world, including Gutenberg and GraphQL. Meanwhile, our love for React and WordPress had only increased.


We wanted to revamp our site using the newer technology. Gatsby was the new kid on the block with blazing fast static site goodness. It is essentially React and queries data using GraphQL. It can pull in data during build time from many endpoints, including WordPress. We were in luck since our backend was already in WordPress. So, we moved the existing site to a subdomain and turned it into a WordPress API for the new Gatsby site. 

Since I had prior experience in developing with Gatsby + WordPress, the task seemed less challenging.

Considering feedback and research about the best practices in user empathy, we set out to build the new site. The site itself has a sub-second load time and the subsequent pages load instantly.

The colors we used are aimed at meeting accessibility standards. Moreover, we included a dark mode for users who wish to avoid eye strain in low light conditions.  We have incorporated accessibility features and made it Gutenberg-ready. The site is made straightforward to navigate. It aims to achieve a smooth UX with tabbed navigation.

If you like this site and are looking for similar results, don’t hesitate to contact us.